30 October 2023

Wonderbly Christmas 2023 gift guide + a discount code (25% off & free shipping)

Hi Everyone,

With Christmas slowly approaching, and people starting to plan and seek for gift ideas for their loved ones, I thought that I would share with you a few of my recent discoveries in the personalised Wonderbly books range. 

I wrote a similar blog post last year, so - if you're looking for additional recommendations - please make sure to pop over here




Wonderbly have kindly sent me one of their recent personalised Christmas stories, "Your night before Christmas", which I feel is somewhat of a Christmas version of their best selling "Lost my name" book. 

Taking into consideration how much my kids (now aged almost 6 and 8) loved, and still love, reading about the little girl who lost her name, I had no doubts that my little Hanna would be thrilled to get a Christmas version of the story. And I was not wrong - just look at the smile on her little face, as her older sister explored the story with her for the first time.

As always, the story is full of beautiful and colourful images and illustrations, and the quality of the book is fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed the journey searching for Hanna's name through Christmas wonderland. 

In this book, aside from the usual personalised dedication, you can also add a photo of your child at the beginning of the story, which I thought was an additional special touch. 

The only constructive feedback I have for this lovely story is the rather low amount of options in terms of choosing the looks of the main protagonist - whilst a few skin tones & hair styles are available, I wish there were better options in terms of haircuts (in our case, we were lacking the option of a little girl with a fringe), eye colour/shape, etc. 

All in all, the girls enjoyed it, and they confirmed that they recommend it for a Christmas pressie! :o)




If you're after a present for a slightly older child (or not necessarily a Christmas-themed one), Amelia (age 8) and I recommend the "You are extraordinary" self-belief journal for kids. Amelia got this for her birthday back in August, and she has had lots of fun with the information pages & activities included. 

In a few year's time, it will also be a fun reminder of what she was into at the age of 8!

One of Amelia's favourite pages is the "extraordinary by definition" section, where a dictionary of made-up words using her names & surname has been created:

The nice thing about this journal is that there are sections just for reading (and contemplating!), some are dedicated to colouring & doodling, and then of course there are also sections that need to be completed by its owner:

But, there are also some surprising activities included:

We highly recommend this journal for any child that can read and write. Amelia has a couple of similar journals already, but she really enjoyed exploring this one, as the personalisation made it just that tiny bit more special.




Finally, a little recommendation for those adults in your life who already "have it all" (have a peek at what Wonderbly offer in their range for adults here). 

Last year, we tested out the adult version of the "Where are you" books on Granddads and Uncles, and they were a big hit (you can read more about these in my Christmas post from 2022). 

Earlier this year, Granny received "The book of Everyone" (birthday edition), which she absolutely loved. This is now also available in a Christmas edition, as well as a couple's and a milestone birthday edition, amongst others.

There is room for LOADS of personalisation in these books, and we especially loved adding lots of photos to it (I won't be sharing them on the blog for privacy reasons, sorry!). 

The only disappointing part of the book we created was the Global Times section, dedicated to events from the year the recipient was born - we feel that a bit more effort could have been put into this page for some of the dates (s0me have this section filled to the brim, so you might be more lucky!). 

We overcame this issue by adding cut outs from more recent newspapers where Granny was featured, which was also fun! 




I, personally, am very excited for one of the newest additions to the Wonderbly collection - The Personalised Astrology books. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this blog post, I have not received my copy of the book just yet, hence I am unable to share my opinion about it. But, stay tuned in the coming weeks! :o)




If you are looking for additional inspiration for Christmas gift ideas that Wonderbly offer and recommend themselves, have a peek at their Early Christmas Gifts recommendation page. I am sure that you will find something for everyone over there. 


DISCOUNT CODES - what you have all been waiting for :o)


Affiliate disclaimer: if you purchase your books via the links in this blog post, or use the below coupon/discount codes, I will - at no additional cost to you - get a small commission from the sale, as I am a Wonderbly Ambassador, but please rest assured that all of my above opinions are honest, and I would not be putting that much effort into writing a long post about something that I don't personally endorse or believe in! 

Make sure to come back to this post once you're ready to purchase the Wonderbly books of your choice, as I will keep updating it throughout the rest of 2023 with the best discount code I have available. I would imagine they will have something special planned for Black Friday! ;o)

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After December 1st 2023,BAH435TT will give you 15% off your entire order

Happy shopping, and let me know in the comments what caught your attention, or which books you already have in your Wonderbly collection!

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