31 October 2013

Finally back...

... after a rather long break! But now that I am married (yay!), back from the honeymoon (not so yay, cause I was hoping to be able to stay there forever!), and well settled in my new job (yay again!), I finally have the time to start blogging again! :-) 

I haven't been completely idle, and cards were of course made throughout the last 3 months, but I just had no time to go back to the world of blogging... And yes, truth be told, after the long honeymoon break - my mojo was a little bit lost, so in fairness I have not managed to make too many new creations... However, I am certain that bit by bit we'll get there! 

Before I go, I just HAVE to share the fantastic news - I have a new crafty "friend" in my craftroom now - my hubby bought me a Silhouette Cameo as a wedding gift!!! Still can't really believe it! Gonna have to learn step by step how to use it properly, so you might start seeing a new style of Mirella's handmade creations soon! Anyone out there with a Cameo? Let's learn together!

Have a great Halloween night!


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