15 November 2013

Purple Wedding

Good evening Everyone,

A quick post just to show you one of my recent creations. A friend at worked asked me to make this card for her Goddaughter's wedding. She asked for a purple gatefold card, and since she has seen a few similar creations of mine before, she was rather specific about her order :-)

She was really delighted when I presented the card to her... And I guess it wasn't just a way of her trying to be nice to me - I have heard from fellow colleagues that she showed the card to half the floor, and praised my cards! :-) It's so lovely to get such nice & genuine feedback!

The bride & groom have not seen the card yet, but since no names are mentioned (neither on the card nor in my post) - I am feeling quite confident that me posting the card here won't do any damage! 

Hope you have a great weekend... I need to work on finishing my wedding "thank you cards" (high time -it was 3 months ago already!!!eeek!), and then gotta plan on some more Christmas creations, finally! I made a few in the last few days - watch this space, I will post them here soon.

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