11 December 2013

Bugaboo Holiday CHAOS celebration

Good evening Everyone,

Prepare for an explosion of posts on my blog over the next day or two! I have only now decided that I want to give the Bugaboo Holiday CHAOS celebration a go, and seeing that I have now less than 2 days to make and publish 7 (!) cards...well... need I say more? ;-)

Taking into consideration that I only come back from work 6-ish, I am really under bad time pressure, but hey! If I don't try, I won't succeed, right? I managed to create 4 cards tonight, which is not bad - more than half at the end of the day! - I will start posting them soon. They might not be the most complex cards in the world, and unfortunately their photos are taken during late evening hours, which means they won't be the nicest photos I have taken in my life, but hopefully you'll still like them! 

I am sure a few more friends will be made happy with these this year, so it's seriously a win-win. A big pity that I have not started with these earlier, but I guess it's just such a typical me...always last minute! If you wanna try making the deadline with me - go over to the Bugaboo Challenge Blog for the challenge recipes!

Thanks for looking,


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