18 November 2021

Get Cracking on Christmas 2021 - November

Hi Everyone,

Can you believe that Christmas is in just over a month?! It's honestly blowing my mind! 

I have been very inactive here, and in general on social media, as well as in my craft-room recently... I apologise if any of you feel left out with lack of comments and interactions from me - I hope that 2022 might be better from my side in relation to that aspect. I lost two very close family members over the last few months (one as recently as a week ago), and with the pandemic and restrictions it has taken a huge toll on me... So please bear with me, as I am trying to get over a huge emotional whirlwind! I miss my therapeutic crafty time, but at the same time I just don't feel ready for it at the moment...

If you are new to Get Cracking on Christmas, please check out Jenn's blog here - she is the master-mind behind this initiative, and is the best one to explain it! :o)

I don't have any new makes for you this month, so I thought that I would share with you the cards I made throughout this year, for the Get Cracking posts. In case you missed any of the previous months - you might find these projects & photos inspirational; or perhaps you already forgot about some products/ideas that you have seen here on my blog before, and it might just give you that nudge to try them out!?

January (more info on these cards here):

February (more info here):

I took a break in March, so here is April (more info here):

I skipped May again, but June is one of my favourites of this year (more info here), it's so cute, and I love the colours:

Okay, okay, I love the July ones also, haha! (click!): 

August was truly magical, and these are so easy to make, too! (more info here): 

And September was the last time when I properly crafted :( (click if you want to read more): 

I feel very honoured to have been part of the Get Cracking inspiration group, and I hope we'll continue with this next year. It's great to work on our Christmas stashes throughout the year, and have some cards all nice and ready for when the final stretch creeps up on you, LOL! 

As it turns out, my Daughter's card design that she made at school will be our Christmas card for 2021, but I am still delighted to have these all ready to go, for when I need them. You can never have too many Christmas cards, am I right?

Have you been working on your Christmas stash throughout the year with us? If so, share your links in the comments below, so I can have a peek! :o)

Stay safe and crafty,


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