11 March 2023

Brandbassador - want to join in?

Hi Everyone,

A bit of a different post today, as I thought that I would share with you some of the ins and outs of becoming a Brandbassador - both as a brand looking for out-of-the-box marketing solutions, as well as an ambassador of a specific brand (which I have a tiny bit of experience with). 

I first came across the Brandbassador app thanks to a brand that I had been a big fan of for a few years - they reached out to me, and invited me to become their ambassador. I initially thought that the invitation was perhaps a bit out of place, as it felt like this would be an invitation that should go to an "influencer", but I quickly realised that the core idea behind Brandbassador is that it's the ambassadors (aka fans, followers & people who actually know, use & love the products) who should spread the word about a brand that they stand behind, as opposed to the influencers, who share the product with their followers purely for a profit. Whilst I believe that both relationships can be very beneficial for a brand, the idea of a true ambassador - and not a transactional influencer - pitching a product to me truly resonates with me.

I took the plunge, and became one of the Brandbassadors for Wonderbly (which is the brand mentioned above) - a fantastic publisher of personalised books for kids & adults alike. I had nothing to lose, really - I had already purchased many of their products (both for my own kids & as gifts), and have been recommending them to friends and family for years. So, why not try to be rewarded for my preaching? :o) 

I have been Wonderbly's "official" ambassador for a couple of months so far, and I have really enjoyed that experience. The Brandbassador app makes everything really easy & fun: as an ambassador, you get various "missions" suggested to you and - if you choose to accept them & meet the required criteria and challenges - you get rewarded (with product, discounts, gift cards or - indeed - cash). The missions range from something as simple as liking/commenting under a social media post, through sharing your opinion about a particular product (that you frequently get to test out yourself first) or creating content describing your favourite product, all the way to creating personalised discount codes that you can share with friends, family, and other interested parties. If your discount codes get used - you might get awarded with a small commission, at no additional cost to the purchaser. 

Yes, I know, all of the above does sound like exactly what influencers would be involved with, but the key difference here is that you can become an ambassador without a huge social media following, and your "super power" is not hundreds of thousands of followers, but the mere fact that you love & stand behind the product that you're sharing with others.  

Let's address the elephant in the room - unless you are somewhat of an influencer (e.g. have lots of followers or are really good at your use of social media), the Brandbassador programme won't exactly make you rich! But that's not really what it's all about. The fun here is in being able to use the products you already know and love, perhaps getting some of the products for free or at a heavily discounted price, and - with a bit of luck - making a bit of a "pocket money". And if you are a bit competitive, too - you'll simply enjoy participating in the missions and challenges! :o)

If you are interested in becoming a Wonderbly Ambassador, please feel free to use this link. As always - if you have any queries or questions - please reach out, I am here to help & offer any guidance I can!


I am afraid that I cannot speak much in terms of my own experience with Brandbassador from the other side, e.g. from a brand's perspective, but I can totally see how a brand could benefit from using the Brandbassador app - as far as my understanding goes, it's extremely easy to engage with the ambassadors, and to create the fun missions and challenges. There are loads of options of data & engagement analysis, and the Brandbassador team themselves are excellent at assistance & guidance - they're very approachable, too (this I actually know from experience)! 

Just having analysed my own little involvement as a brand ambassador, I am pretty shocked with how much revenue my love for a product managed to generate for Wonderbly! And, honestly, it makes me happy and proud! :o)

Brandbassador have done an excellent job themselves, explaining everything a Brand needs to know before joining in, so I think the best thing I can do, is simply share some of their content:

1. Everything you need to know about the Brand Ambassador Programs

2. What is Ambassador marketing? 

3. A Guide for fast growing brands


Are you a Brand looking for a fun marketing program like Brandbassador? Would you like to find out more, and see if this is something you could benefit from? Click here, and check out your options today! This link will allow you to book a 1-2-1 strategy session with the lovely Brandbassador peeps

Let a new exciting chapter of your journey to success begin... :o)


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